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Flag Raising In Collinstown

Flag Raising
Flag Raising In Collinstown

In Collinstown Park Community College every morning, three flags are raised outside the school by two TY students - Jack Luby and Abbie Donnelly. Each one of these flags have a meaning.

The most important flag is the Irish flag. It symbolises unity between people of different traditions on the island. The Irish flag is green, white and orange and each of these colours have a meaning. Green represents Roman Catholics, orange is for protestants and white is the peace between them. It is raised on the highest pole, the TY students that raise it are not allowed to let it touch the ground.

Another one of the flags is the Green Schools Flag. The green flag is a symbol to show the school is working hard to protect the environment in different ways. It is also a sign to everyone of the hard work put in by boys, staff and parents to acheive the status of a 'Green Flag School'. We have earned a green flag for litter and waste and we have earned a second green flag for energy.

The final flag is the CPCC flag, it has the school crest on it. On the school crest there is a tree, a book, people shaking hands and a mortarboard. These symbolise four important stages of our life, growing, learning, bonding and finally graduating. These are all things that you will do in CPCC.

Jack Luby - TY Press

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