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TY Scavenger Hunt In Town

TY Scavenger Hunt In Town

On Wednesday the 22nd of March, half of the TYs made their own way into town to meet with the teachers at 10:30. Once they were there, they received a map with a list of locations where they had to photograph their group with. The locations were standard landmarks in the city centre such as the Garden of Remembrance and the Spire.

Once the rules were made clear and the meeting point and time were shown, the students went off in their groups to photograph themselves and landmarks.

Many students first photographed the Spire, the James Larkin and Charles Stewart Parnell statues first as they were close to the meeting place which was the Daniel O’Connell monument.

At 12 o’clock the students met back with their teachers at the Central Bank before being allowed to do what they wanted. Some students stayed in town and others went home. The students enjoyed the freedom of the trip, as they weren’t confined to one specific area and could do what they wanted after about an hour and a half.

Sophie Walsh - TY Press

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