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TY Students Visit Jumpzone

TY Students Visit Jumpzone

On Wednesday the 1st of February the TY group went on a trip to Jumpzone in Liffey Valley, they met in the food court at 10am and made their way to the door. There they were split into two groups and all given wristbands. They got on their grip socks and went onto the trampolines.

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One of the groups started off playing dodgeball while the others started on the free bounce and the obstacle course. The students were getting into it firing dodgeballs at one another trying so desperately to knock one another out.

Then after about twenty minutes, the TY’s moved on to a new activity. One group went on to do jousting, where two people stood on a beam and had to try to knock each other off. While the first group were jousting, the other group were at the foam pit.

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About fifteen minutes or so after one of the groups went to the foam pit where they went mental doing all sorts of flips and tumbles into it. The other group went to the jousting where the other group just were.

Lastly, the groups swapped one more time with one group being in free bounce and the obstacle course while the other group went to dodgeball. The TY’s were having a great time bouncing around doing tricks, flips and a lot of the time falling and face planting.

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After their time was up they all thanked the teachers and Jumpzone staff, they also got a picture taken together. The TY’s were then allowed to go for food and shop around Liffey Valley. Overall they had a great time and would love to do it again and they can’t wait for all the other TY activities that they’ll be doing throughout the year.

Jack Luby & Cian Burke - TY Press

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