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TY Trip To Glendalough

TY Trip To Glendalough

On the 2nd of May, Transition Years went on an overnight trip to Glendalough.

All the students going on the trip got to go home after third period so they could pack their bags and then meet up back at the school at 3:45pm and then they got on the bus at around 4:30pm.

They arrived at ‘Glendalough Hostel’. The bus journey took roughly an hour but it flew in while the students were all laughing and playing music. The TY students arrived at about 5:30pm and got divided into their rooms with the people they were sharing with. After they left their bags in their rooms and got dressed they went for a walk around Glendalough and the valley. The walk was lovely, there was lots of nice scenery. They all stopped off at the lake to skim rocks. They had a lot of fun and enjoyed themselves.

They got back to the hostel and just chilled out for a while. They could walk around outside or sit in their rooms. Everyone got pizza and after it they all had a laugh. The students got an early night for the next day and went to bed at 10:30pm, although not many students actually went to sleep as they just stayed up chatting and listening to music.

The next morning, all the students were exhausted as not many of them got any sleep, but they managed to crawl out of bed at 8am for breakfast. They had Coco Pops, toast and a cup of tea. After breakfast they were told they had two hours left in the hostel so some of them went back to bed. Then at 10am, it was time to go. The students all met outside at the bus, put away their luggage, and then got on.

But the excitement wasn't over as the TYs still had one more activity to do. They went to Flynn Park in Balbriggan for an obstacle course in the water. The students got into their wetsuits and got on their life jackets. They got into the water and swam over to the obstacle course. There was lots to do such as climbing, running, swimming and jumping obstacles.

But all the excitement was finally over now as it was time to go home. They got food in Applegreen on the way back and then went back to the school and were allowed to go home to catch up on all the sleep they lost.

The students loved this trip and hope they can do more overnight trips during their time in CPCC.

TY Press - Jack Luby & Cian Burke

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