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1M, 1H & 1O Visit Causey Farm

1M, 1H & 1O Visit Causey Farm

Three groups of the first years, classes 1N, 1H, and 1O went on a trip to Causey Farm. They were accompanied by Ms Barr, Ms Walsh, Ms Maguire, Ms Shanahan and Ms Clarke. Unfortunately, the heavens opened before the staff and students got on the bus and it was an extremely cold day. This did not prevent the group from having a very exciting and fun day.

Among the many activities that the group took part in were that they got to go to the kitchen where they made fresh bread in the oven. The students had fun doing this as they got to make something with their friends.

They also got to learn about traditional Irish dancing and even attempted it themselves. However, there was no contact from Riverdance to recruit any of the teachers following their jigs and reels.

The students really enjoyed getting to see and pet the animals of the farm. They got to pet animals like cows, horses, bunnies, a dog and even got to try picking up a chicken. Some of the students played football with the farm dog.

Another fun exercise was getting to make giant bubbles.

The highlight of the trip for most of the students was the bog. Once they removed their shoes and socks they got to trek through the bog and even jumped in. Luckily they had all prepared a change of clothes and were able to clean most of themselves.

Thanks to the teachers for organising such a fun day and fair play to the students who did not allow the weather to affect their fun on the day.

Sophie Walsh - TY Press







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