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3rd Year Junior Cycle Home Economics Practical

3rd Year Junior Cycle Home Economics Practical

Last week our talented third year students undertook the practical element of their Home Economic Junior Cycle exam. Ably led by Ms Beatty & Ms Dunne, the students prepared, cooked and presented a wide range of delicacies.

In the practical part of the Junior Cycle Home Economics exam, students get to show off their kitchen skills. They whip up dishes following recipes and instructions provided by the examiners. It's like a mini cooking show where they chop, slice, bake, and fry their way through the task.

But it's not just about cooking; they also need to be kitchen-savvy, practicing good hygiene and safety measures. They are measured on handwashing, keeping things clean, and making sure the food is safe to eat.

It's not all about the cooking either. They might have to plan out meals and stick to a budget, showing they can create balanced menus without breaking the bank.

Basically, the exam's all about testing their cooking chops, understanding of nutrition and food safety, and how well they can put it all into action.

Well done to Ms Beatty and Ms Forde for navigating the week and well done to our students.



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