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JCPA Award Ceremony

JCPA Award ceremony

As part of the Framework for Junior Cycle (2015) the reporting process at junior cycle culminates in the award of the JCPA to students. The JCPA was awarded for the first time to students who completed their junior cycle in 2017, and the class who completed their Junior Cycle are the latest group to receive their JCPA.

The JCPA reports on student achievement across a broad range of areas of learning in junior cycle. The JCPA, alongside other reporting arrangements in junior cycle, offers students/teachers/parents/guardians a clear, broad picture of a child’s learning journey over the three years of junior cycle.

The JCPA ceremony took place on Tuesday when all students received their JCPA from their current tutor. This certificate showed students their Junior Cycle results, CBA results and also showed other areas of learning that took place between first and third year. It was an enjoyable event and after students had some treats to celebrate their hard work.







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