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New Deposit Return Scheme - February 1st

New Deposit Return Scheme - February 1st

The deposit return scheme what is it?

When you buy a drink with the return logo on the container you will be charged an extra refundable deposit. You will be able to claim back after you return the empty container. This is a new recycle system known as the deposit return scheme.

When does it start? The scheme is to start February 1st 2024.

What can be recycled? Containers such as bottles, cans and tins made from plastic, aluminium or steel can be returned once they are between 150 ml and 3 litres in size and have the ‘Re-turn’ logo on them. The containers should be empty, undamaged and in their original shape. The barcode must also be readable.

What is not included in the scheme? Containers that down have the Re- turn logo, they should be recycled as normal. Glass bottles or containers, all dairy products such as milk containers, yoghurt containers etc, containers over 3L. You cannot return containers which were bought before February 1st.

How much will the deposit cost? Containers between 150ml to 500ml will have a 15 cent deposit. Containers over 500ml to 3 litres will have a 25 cent deposit.

How to collect your deposit. If you are using a Reverse Vending Machine, you will be given a voucher for the value of the number of containers you returned. You can choose to use your voucher to buy something in that specific shop or to refund your voucher for cash. If you returned your items using an RVM, you can only use or refund your voucher in that same shop where you returned the bottles. You cannot reclaim your voucher in a store if you used a RVM from a different store.

Your nearest DRS point. Hanley's Supervalu in Rowlagh.

Recently William Hanley (Owner) visited a group of TY students to discuss and demonstrate the use of a DRS point.

We are currently running a poster competition with some great prizes for the best entry.

Thank you to South Dublin County Council for the ALAG grant of €650 which will be used towards raising more awareness of anti littering and anti graffiti in our community.

Sarah Kelleher - TY Press

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