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TY Orienteering Trip to Donedea

TY Orienteering Trip to Donedea

On Wednesday the 8th of March, the Transition Year students went to Donadea Forest Park in Co Kildare for Orienteering. Orienteering is a sport in which you are given a map and have to navigate between different checkpoints that are marked on it.

So when they arrived they all walked up together to the lake in the middle of the forest. When they got to the lake, they were given their map and then split into small groups of five or six. The TYs could then go off with their groups to look for the checkpoints. At first it was difficult to read the map but after a while the students gradually improved their cartography skills. Most groups were able to find all checkpoints except one, because it was hidden by another group.

Although it was the main objective, finding checkpoints wasn’t all the students did, as they also got on a swing that they found but then left soon after because it looked like it was about to break and also found a tree with soothers attached to it which made some of the students feel uneasy and wonder why.

The TYs then met back up at the bus and they were taken to McDonald’s and Tesco in Maynooth on the way back.

Finally, the students were dropped back at the school and allowed to go home.

They all had a great time and are loving all the nature themed trips.

Jack Luby - TY Press

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