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The Junior Certificate School Programme (JCSP) is based on the concept that all students are capable of real success in school and that they can have a positive experience of school.

The JCSP approach focuses on analysing the student’s learning needs and strengths and planning a suitable programme of work around them. In the process, the JCSP places a strong emphasis on the development of basic skills, in particular literacy and numeracy, which are relevant to many areas of the curriculum and are important for managing daily life, both inside and outside school. A further emphasis is placed on the development of the student’s personal and social skills, which enhance self-esteem and his/her ability to relate well to other people.

The JCSP operates within the Junior Certificate curriculum. It follows the curriculum framework set out for the Junior Certificate, which is re-focused to cater for JCSP students.

It is an intervention into the Junior Certificate and not an alternative to it. It helps to make the curriculum accessible and relevant to students who would benefit from a different approach to the Junior Certificate.

All JCSP students follow at a minimum the courses leading to the Foundation Level examinations in English and Mathematics, ESS, and a suitable course in Irish. Students assigned to the SEN-JCSP class study three option subjects and those assigned to JCSP and non JCSP classes study Science and two option subjects. All JCSP students are timetabled for library access. All Junior Cycle students study CSPE, SPHE, Religion and PE.

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