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Parents' Forum

Parents' Forum

What does the Parents’ Forum do?

The Parents’ forum is a group of parents/guardians who meet up to 4 times a year in the school. The role of the parents’ forum is to advise the principal and Board of Management on policy issues and incidents that may require a review of school policy, e.g. Bullying, Safety, Homework, Enrolment, Behaviour problems etc. Parents’ Forums can suggest extra-curricular activities which may benefit the students. The Parents’ forum can also speakers to address the parents on issues which are topical or relevant. The forum gives an opportunity for the school to hear the parent voice, your voice and contribution is welcome and important.

The main benefit of having a Parents’ Forum is that it can act as a support for parents in the school. Educational research on the involvement of parents in school shows that children achieve at higher levels when parents and teachers work together. The Parents’ Forum is not a forum for complaint against either an individual teacher or another parent.

If you would like to be involved in the Parents’ Forum or would like more information – Please contact Cliona Mohan, Home School Community Liaison Coordinator at 083 875 3604.

We know from research that: Children do better, behave better and are happier at school when parents and teachers work closely together and when parents are able to give their children support at home. Teachers can do a better job when they are supported by and work closely with parents. Parents can do a better job when they have the support of other parents.

The Parents’ Forum is the key mechanism in a school that can support the home/school partnership.

  • The parents’ forum meets approximately four times in a school year.
  • These meetings last approximately an hour.
  • The meetings are held in the school building.
  • Membership is open to any parent/guardian of a child in the school.

Everyone is welcome. There is flexibility in when meetings are held. They can be in the evening or daytime. It will depend on what suits most members of the forum.

Next meeting is at 7 p.m. on Monday 14th November. Tara Deasy from the Clondalkin Drug Taskforce will be speaking to parents about vaping.

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