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Student Council

Student Council

The student council is where students can have their say on issues that affect them in the school, and where they can put forward ideas on how to improve the school for all students.

Some of the issues the student council brought up in the past have been successful such as the renovation of the toilets and getting students a morning break for all year groups.

The Student council is organised by Ms Jones and election stake place annually to decide who represents the students on the council. The most recent student council was made up of the following students:

First Year

· Harry Reddington 1C

· Heidi Howard 1L

· Jeyhan Akgun 1S

Second Year

· Adam Burke 2G

· Brooke Brogan 2H

· Jakub Wargala 2M

Third Year

· Ryan Skelly 3L

· Connor Rodgers 3C

· Cian Geoghegan 3K

Transition Year

· Patryk Wisniewski 4E

· Jayla Carol King 4E

· Kacie Geoghegan 4E

Fifth Year

· Alix Brady 5A

· Jack Luby 5A

· Logan Adair 8A

Sixth Year

· Bailey Heary 6A

· Morgan Callaghan 9A

· Eoin Keating 6B

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